2016 interracial dating ban

cannot be infringed by the State." The decision was greeted joyfully by many and with horror by some, especially in the South.

There were complaints of federal government overreach, of a few black-robed justices stepping in to overturn laws that reflected the overwhelming will of the people in the affected states.

It likely also helped that the biracial character was played by Helen Morgan, a white actress."The truth is that I'm human, and I make choices of my own.While it may not be anti-biblical, I know that I will never accept it and I’ll never forgive you.Then, the letter moves on to attack her relationship — because she’s dating a black man."I hoped I would eventually take the high road and come to accept an interracial relationship," the letter says.

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  1. Of the 54 National Security Presidential Directives issued by the (George W.) Bush Administration to date, the titles of only about half have been publicly identified.