5th cousins dating

You share the same Great Great Great Great Grandparents.

These people probably died about 150 years ago, if that helps put things in perspective.

Genetically speaking, you're distantly related enough that your kids probably wouldn't have any problems.

I started last week, I actually think I missed a few days so, anyhow, I've decided, though we're worlds apart, my one good deed is going out to my new found - cousin lovin' weirdo. Nikalina's ANSWER: Newsflash, THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED .

There is no need to date your cousin, however distant you care to pathetically explain, you cannot date your cousin.

ANSWER: " Sixth cousins are so distantly related that there is no reason why you shouldn't be a couple if you wish to be. I mean seriously, all West Virginia, brother and sisters dating jokes aside, did someone really ask this and did Abby really say, 'to allow dating your cousin to evolve.

' Since, I will most definitely never meet this girl that makes out with her sixth cousin, I will not have the opportunity to rectify the bad advice that has been given to her.

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The findings, which come from a recent study of Icelanders, shed light on how relatedness affects reproduction and ultimately the size of families.

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