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These standardized patients discuss their symptoms with the student.The medical student in turn conducts a patient interview and then may perform a physical examination.During its annual meeting, the physicians' group adopted new policies on drug pricing to protect patients.One policy calls on pharmaceutical companies to list the suggested retail prices of drugs in direct-to-consumer advertising.With its origins dating back to 1903, the hospital was established to provide medical care for the indigent, and the same mission of service drives the hospital today.In 1903, Drake University built a medical school at 406 Center Street in Des Moines.

This valuable resource is available through close collaboration of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Home Care Physicians.

Standardized patients are trained actors who portray patients during an interview and physical examination with a medical student or doctor in training.

As part of medical education, medical schools now often use standardized patients to depict realistic patient interactions and presentations of disease.

Community groups, schools, first responders, and local governments rely on naloxone to save lives, but are finding it increasingly expensive.

The AMA plans to raise awareness about the recent actions of the 3 makers of naloxone.

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