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In November, Fox renewed the Emmy-nominated reality series for a summer 2015 installment — with a “stage dancers vs. Here’s how producers are describing the new format: “Throughout the auditions, the dancers who advance will be placed into two teams – the stage dancers, featuring those trained in styles such as contemporary, ballet, jazz or tap; and the street dancers, hopefuls skilled in hip-hop, animation or breaking.

As the auditions continue, the judges, along with each team’s All-Star Mentor, will eliminate dancers until only the Top 20 – 10 Street Dancers and 10 Stage Dancers – remain.

Don’t act like this bugs you and then it won’t – because it shouldn’t – is kind of the take home message from that sort of thing. From my dad’s mouth, Keith becomes Queef, Mitchell, Bitchell. Act like it doesn’t bug you and others will follow your lead. She shouldn’t feel ashamed to yell, to cry, to say fuck you. At a party in December, as I passed this woman, she turned to me slightly and said her first voluntary sentence to me. It turns out I do a lot of things, Madame, particularly in May. When I was 19 years old and it was May, I threw a tampon from a second story balcony onto a seething crowd of drunk frat boys below, because I didn’t want to stop making out with a beautiful girl long enough to take it out in a more discreet setting.

Two days later after he and I have this conversation, my sister calls me up sobbing because the boy she is in love with told her everyone knew. It is Will the Woody, however, who is making my sister cry. Then kids started looking at her funny in the hallway. Woody is twice my height and weight, and while my sister weeps on the other end of the line I imagine the satisfying thump he would make if I ran him over with a tractor. It’s upsetting when someone takes your sexuality or your heart and hurts you with it, using who you are as an example of why you should be shamed or shunned. During the darkest months, my only goal is to not set myself on fire. You may call it disgusting; I call it punk as fuck.

Shortly after this year’s New Years, when I began seeing the most recent man, a woman I hardly knew told him to beware of my vagina. It’s hard to inhale to get the air you need to laugh something off.

She called me a “climber,” and said I was trying to fuck my way up the artistic and social ladder to a place of ease and presumable success. It was very late at night and it was his birthday, a cozy and well-attended affair at his home, or so I heard. After telling me this woman told him that, more or less, I’m using my labia’s opposable thumbs to try and catch free rides, the man told me not to worry about what she said or thought or said to other people, to let it go. They think you’re so gross.” “I didn’t send him photos, Katie,” she tells me as she hiccup cries. You know Woody is going to end up a drunk-driving, sheep-fucking trucker, right?

To remedy this, she adlibbed the line "I love you" to Anders, in their last scene together. With Anders, she had a "grown up love." Was easy for her to play the pain of saying goodbye to him.- What does Katee think Starbuck was?

This way, Katee felt like Kara was going to be safe in the end - that she was on the same plane as Sam and would be going to him when she was finished on Earth. "I tend to think she was an angel of some sort."- Katee thinks the only character as flawed as Kara was Baltar The rest of the Q&A, plus exclusive video and where to find more photos after the jump!

But just because someone apologies, it doesn’t mean you have to stay.” On the other end of the line, I hear one of my brothers yell, “Irene! I don’t want her to allow one drop of bitterness from someone else to poison her whole well. Two Mays ago, I forgot to bring socks to a marathon and I ran anyway.His best work from season two came, most improbably, from his collaborations with gawky Mormon swing dancer (and eventual season-two champ) Benji Schwimmer, including an early routine with Donyelle and a season-capping nerd-fest with Travis Wall.He managed to produce hip hop that was sweet (Sabra and Dominic's "Make It Work"), scary (Kayla and Jason's "They're Everywhere"), and stylish (the Matrix-y "Get Up" group routine).You go to work, you cheat on your significant other and you get paid for it."- She was friends with Michael Trucco's fiance, so that was weird. Also because they always try to one up each other with dirty jokes.- Originally, during the scene where Starbuck jumps the fleet to Earth in the finale and Roslin asks "Where did you take us, Starbuck?" she was supposed to respond "Somewhere all along the watchtower." Katee got through it once, but then couldn't keep it together and she and Mary kept laughing when they tried to get the line. Good choice.- Katee thought it was hilarious that "Captain Tight Pants" and Starbuck were cast in a movie together (White Noise 2)- She thinks Starbuck would beat Mal in a fight cause "She'd just shoot him."- "Nathan [Fillion] is fantastic"- Since Nathan & Tricia Helfer used to date years ago, Katee thought it was hilarious meeting him, cause she already knew so much about him- Nathan knew the name of every single crew member, which inspired Katee to try and do the same- Nathan also got Katee to quit smoking!

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