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I was walking down the street in Los Angeles when an approaching couple entered my awareness.

A Black man in his mid 20’s with almond brown skin playfully carrying a White woman with sprawling blonde hair on his back as they laugh down the avenue.

Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being “unwanted,” there are men of all races who think we are divine. Feel free to share links and any experiences you’ve had in the comments.

I follow about two or three blogs on Tumblr dedicated to interracial dating.

Unfortunately, neither of these answers is correct.

It’s a new year and with it, perhaps new incentive to finally pursue what you want!

While many people still believe interracial relationships are some sort of rare novelty or just a niche group, statistics continue to show rates of interracial relationships and marriages ticking upward.

The trend of swirling is also quickly picking up steam.

No offense to African American men, but I feel much more valued when I am in a relationship with a Caucasian man.

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Several of us open to love in any color have found supportive resources (i.e.

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