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She was last seen in a bar with two young men, longtime friends, the subservient James Barrett and the dominant Sydney Pearson, who admitted they both had consensual sex with her that evening, but who also stated they dropped her off at her hotel after the fact that evening.

The team believe the two, who are in custody, had something to do with her disappearance in part as they have a long criminal past despite being only twenty.

But as they delved further into the investigation, the team put their lives at risk.

Part 2 of 2 the conclusion Season 9 ends with the BAU continuing to investigate the murders of prostitutes in Texas and uncovering a deep web of corruption that could be the motive behind the killings.

JJ has been offered a major job promotion as liaison for the Department of Defense, which she not only turned down twice but about which didn't even tell Hotch, who only finds out when Strauss tells him and asks JJ to reconsider. Meanwhile, the team heads to Atlantic Beach, Maryland where nineteen year old Kate Joyce has been missing for three days.

She had been in Atlantic Beach on vacation for a week before her disappearance.

The one person that Reid has truly felt anything for in years-he is out of his reach. Derek Morgan loves his boyfriend and the two month old baby that is residing inside of said boyfriend. I have a few friends that I mentioned fics to and they seemed curious, so I thought I'd copy some of my faves for them. but I kinda wanted to post it , so, here it is, whatever it is. DEREK AND SPENCER'S ANNIVERSARY IS POSTPONED WHEN DEREK HAS TO GO TO MIAMI FOR A SEMINAR FOR MIAMI PD.

Then I tried to think about just getting over 300 random stories in a file and having no clue what any of it was and that they may not be familiar with some of my favorite fandoms. When Reid wakes up one morning with severe cramps, neither he nor Morgan could have guessed their lives would take such surprising turn. BUT HE DOESNT COUNT ON SPENCER SHOWING UP IN HIS HOTEL ROOM WITH THOUGHTS OF A PARTICULAR ROLE PLAY THAT DEREK HAS BEEN TOO AFRAID TO ASK FOR.

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