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Apologies for the delay in updating you all about the Transcontinental.

I should probably have let you know that I was the first woman in, by about two days.

Which sort of means I won, unless you count the men and women together (which I prefer to), in which case I came in somewhere around 40th. Partly because it seems unnecessarily smug to devote a whole blog post to my winning a race (and I don’t have time to write the long rambling race report that would reveal winning to be merely the cherry on a very large and delicious cake), and partly because – well, a lazy cycle-tourer like me shouldn’t be winning the Transcontinental .

I’m under no illusions that if riders like Juliana, or Sarah Hammond, or Lael Wilcox entered they’d wipe the floor with me – and probably most of the men as well.

Established in 2010, Indigo events are renowned for their friendly atmosphere & interesting programme.

The final section takes you to the finish point at the attractive town of Rye via Westfield and Icklesham.

For more information on the attractions and history of the area please click here Explore miles of walking and cycling trails in these extensive woods in Arlington, Sussex.

There's nice waymarked footpaths and bridleways which are great for mountain biking.

You can reach the woods from Hailsham by heading south along the Cuckoo Trail and then heading west along National Cycle Route 2 from Polegate. Abbots Amble will take you through bluebell woods to the lake.

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