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Their sons would inherit the father’s surname, unchanged.However, neither their wives nor their daughters would bear exactly the same name.” that starts with the French government’s announcement that the word “mademoiselle” would no longer be used in official documents but quickly goes in a startling direction: Surnames in Lithuanian end differently depending on whether it’s a man’s surname, a married woman’s or an unmarried woman’s.Men’s surnames typically end in -us, -as, or -ys, as in Paulauskas, Adamkus, Bimbirys.

Of course I’m not talking about architecture or food—my main field of study was the women. Estonian women have some curves and boobs while Lithuanian women have boyish bodies that are Asian like (I was grossly disappointed with the Lithuanian ass). The biggest problem with Estonia is that they have a growing obesity problem. Love going to watch rallies, drifting & most forms of motorsport....A collection of useful phrases in Lithuanian, a Baltic language spoken mainly in Lithuania.If all Estonian women were thin, they’d win by a mile, but for now they only get a slide edge over Lithuania thanks to their more juicy curvature.Estonian women shine yet again, with wonderful cheekbones and bright blue eyes (well over 50% of the Estonian population have light eyes), but I have to give top prize to Lithuanian women.

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