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Trump often raised the stakes in his business dealings by orchestrating press conferences that made for great copy.

His running feud with Ed Koch became a spectator sport for most of the New York mayor’s years in office.

Women were the victims in more than 90 per cent of online dating scams investigated by ­police since 2014, prompting fresh warnings by the force.

The Tel Dan Stele is a broken stele (inscribed stone) discovered in 1993–94 during excavations at Tel Dan in northern Israel.

It is considered the first widely accepted reference to the name David as the founder of a Judahite polity outside of the Hebrew Bible, though the earlier Mesha Stele contains several possible references with varying acceptance.

A minority of scholars have disputed the reference to David, due to the lack of a word divider between byt and dwd, and other translations have been proposed.

Naveed Khalessi is helping his fellow pupils reach for the stars.

The 15-year-old and five classmates are building an observatory at Bedales School from which they will be able to view celestial bodies millions of light years away.

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