Dating language barrier dating a recently widowed woman

We are both in our last year of college and plan to begin a life together in one of our countries after we finish school.

An exchange program allowed me to move to his city for a semester and we agreed that it would be best for me to live with him – not only would we save money, of which I have very little, but we’ve already basically lived together during our visits (with his school and work schedules he can sometimes come and visit me for a month or more).

Even now, after having worked in Spain for a year and reaching a level of bilingualism that landed me my first job in NYC, I would still probably sound like a weirdo if I were back in that Nissan.

In fact, it would probably take me another 10 years abroad to not sound at least a little off. I like my conversations snappy and tangled with random references. But eight months ago I met this guy from Paris who lives in New York.

We have lost the art or romancing, of sitting next to each other and glance, in love to that person sitting next to you and show love without words.

But lack of communication can also backfire, you can become to physical too fast, if you really replace talking with kissing and making out, you might cross boundaries too early in the process. I was reading an example of a woman dating a guy, he really had a lot to benefit from being with her, so he didn’t mind sleeping with her to show his gratitude.

Had I been with English-speaking friends, I would have dusted myself off and uttered with a sly smile, “Well, that was embarrassing.” Instead, I looked at my Mexican buds and pooed a clumsy “Estoy embarazada.” Their jaws dropped.

I’d forgotten for a moment that “embarazada” does not mean “embarrassed.” It means “pregnant.” It’s hard to be cool in your second language. I dated a handsome, punk-ish Mexican guy for two months during that trip, and once while making out in his Nissan, I gave him the throatiest “Me gustas” (“I like you”/ “I’m into you and I want to rip your clothes off”) I could muster.

All my relationships have been with guys who speak Spanish.Many times you have to repeat things even during a normal conversation. Ideally, the language spoken between 2 people should be a mother tongue to at least one of them.Nuances are lost Then again, most other people never ask me to repeat, so perhaps he has a slight hearing problem, or wasnt paying attention, or wanted to deliberately annoy me, or who knows I speak his language a little bit and was very determined to advance in it, so we can speak it between us instead of English. As Ive said before, even though I have an accent myself, there are many accents I just cant stand and I dont care how wonderful the person may be I just cant be around him on a regular basis as they irritate the hell out of me. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). My boyfriend and I have known each other for 2.5 years, have been dating for 2 years, and have been in an LDR for much of our relationship. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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I find myself now very smitten and dating a guy who doesn't speak Spanish, and now I'm grasping for ways to say those sweet nothings without feeling weird or sounding too cheesy because things do not translate very well from Spanish to English when being romantic. English sucks Anyone else have language barriers in their relationships?

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