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In January 1987, a manufacturing deal was reached for the production of the guitars.

Blade Guitars made their debut in October 1987, at the music show of Tokyo.

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When we rated these to see which were the best of the best, we took into consideration their quality, popularity with professional guitarists, and the impact they've had on rock music.

But even then, your preferred style, and the recommendations of experts and professional guitar players that play them will be invaluable. In addition to shape, getting a good grip of basic body configurations is essential, here's a primer of the three most common: My first Custom was a Charvel/Jackson Star body with a custom white paint with bullet holes and dripping blood from the holes ! Godin used to be a ghostmaker and made many of the famous boutique guitars that people swear by. Once you play Godin, you never go back to the "big names"..

You learn what is wrong with many instruments and how to make them right.Inherent resonant frequencies of woods, innovative electronics and the tonal effect of hardware designs are important factors in his concept development.Equally as important is the role of "metaphysics" - or magic. Utilizing his multiple university degrees in applied and natural sciences.Levinson approaches guitar building from an analytical standpoint.

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By 1990 Blade had become the best selling custom high-end guitar in Europe and received endorsements from many of the world's finest players.

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