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The legislative session is full of both expected and unexpected twists, turns, and developments.It is the place where advocacy is preached, prized, and practiced.With the recent attacks on disability from both the federal and state government, people with disabilities are in danger of losing their ability to live in the community.It's time for all of us to come together to address the threat.

"One of the most important topics MAINSTREAM has ever reported on is health care.

Siblings report affection and positive regard for their brothers and sisters with disabilities, attribute high levels of empathy and altruism as deriving from their relationship with sibling, and on the whole, appear to be as well adjusted and successful as individual who have typically developing brothers and sisters.

Siblings who have brothers or sisters with mental health conditions, with autism, or with other severe behavior problems associated with their disability are more likely to report problems in the early relationship and to exhibit symptoms of depression or less positive adjustment in later life (Orsmond & Seltzer, 2007).

Stothers Checking Up On Doctors (added 1/4/98) Administrators in Medicine operate an organization of state medical board directors.

They sponsor a Web site you can find information on doctors in a growing number of states.

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These programs have provided a combination of both traditional medical services (i.e.

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