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Best-case scenario, “Ali and Nino” might have been a mini-“Doctor Zhivago”: The timelines of the two pics overlap, after all, as Russia enters World War I and subsequently descends into revolution, with the potential advantage that Said’s novel deals with Azerbaijan’s intriguing two-year window of independence, focusing on a far narrower cast of characters.

Said’s novel deals with the uneasy tensions between European and Oriental cultures — each side represented by one half of the title couple — in a country whose rich oil resources suddenly brought the entire region into the crosshairs of larger international schemes.

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A young Azerbaijani nobleman falls for a Georgian princess, crossing religions (he’s Muslim, she’s Eastern Orthodox), cultural backgrounds and even ambitions for their country’s future in “Ali and Nino,” and though we take it on faith that this photogenic couple love each other very deeply, director Asif Kapadia’s handsome yet relatively heartless big-screen adaptation confuses romance for beautiful imagery, leaving us cold.

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