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I'm very excited, too ~" | Bom: What to do | Seungri & SE7EN: Woaah!

Entering YGFAMCON 2010 Bom shouting "I'm very excited! Top again again following the statement with Bom, shouting "Oh!

I thought she wore them for bloating but I actually never knew what they were for or why she wore them but I definitely seen her wear it before.

My ugly opinion huh, not the truth huh, that's rich coming from someone who just said in her comment that 2NE1 are queens and no one can replace them.

Hong Soo Hyun was direct about it and asked up front, "Are you dating Bom?

Something is fishy."The Park-Park couple then got everyone's attention with their couple phone cases, rings, and sweaters.

And still in the recording studio, a small commotion between the two aliens.

TOP: You really look like a cartoon character | Bom: You're no better!

As you can see YG had set the dating rule for both Park Bom and Dara for 3 years since their debut day, so it's will be hard for both Top and Park Bom to announced their relationship to the public, plus, it's can also harm both their careers, therefore, the best solution is to keep it as a secret.

Plus with their hectic schedule, it'd be hard to give commitment.

On August 11, a Chinese fan shared photos of Park Bom on Twitter, which then quickly spread across the web. Must they talk about everything she does for no reason. Let Black Pink debut with FIRE (by 2NE1) and they'll sound so bad, couldn't even get past through CL's baddass rap. First of all, I don't hate them nor do i like them.

Both singles reached number one on the Gaon Digital Chart, the national music chart of South Korea.

When she was in the sixth grade, Park Bom left Korea on her own to study in the United States.

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In the cuts, the idol star is spotted casually enjoying her meal with a man who seems to be in his 40-50s. You don't have to talk crap about BLACKPINK just caz you are defending 2NE1.

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