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Distance: sometimes it makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes it causes the heart to wander.Here are some tips for making long-distance dating work for you. Long-distance relationships fail when the distance is for an indeterminate period of time. Could one of you eventually move if the relationship got more serious?with distance grow into a solid relationship at home?Some say this is unlikely because you need "real" in-person time together to know if you're truly compatible, but a number of couples that started their relationships this way disagree.If you know when the distance will end, it can help you persevere when the distance starts to get to you. Close the gap (temporarily) as often as possible, then close it (permanently) as soon as possible.Take turns visiting one another as often as your schedules and finances allow, even if that means meeting somewhere near the halfway mark. Make a quick call just to say, “I love you.” (If you know how to send smoke signals, do that, too.) Let your partner know that you’re thinking of him/her — and that he/she is worth the time and effort to send a thoughtful care package in the mail. It’s easy to feel left out when you’re not part of someone’s day-to-day.In the dark ages before texting and sexting and the ease of constant communication afforded to us by our personal devices, I spent a lot of time on the phone and on Instant Messenger, smoothing over hurt feelings or picking fights.

When you’re dating long-distance, you need to be intentional about making your partner feel present when they’re not.Prioritizing seeing each other in person when you can while you wait for the day when you can finally live in the same city. You’re not going to casually run into each other or see each other when your social circles overlap, so you need to be even more intentional about dating one another. Make the same recipe and compare notes while you eat “together.” Don’t let dates become an overthought just because you can’t physically go out for dinner together. Don’t limit your long-distance conversations to one medium. Find ways to make your long-distant significant other feel like a greater part of your life far away.Schedule regular Skype and phone dates — not just ten minutes here or there. Maybe provide them with a cute flowchart of your work colleagues so he/she can follow your work stories better. Try to include your boyfriend/girlfriend in the details of your life.Jeff, talks about the importance of "doing laundry time" when you're in a long-distance union.Essentially, he feels it's important to have mundane chore time together since long-distance visits can often feel like you're on an extended vacation with your significant other.

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