Do guys find me intimidating

I do feel like I get some vibes from him, but I am not completely sure.

At one point, he looked right at me and we definitely locked eyes for a split second longer than what is okay in polite society.

He has also shown some other signs of seeming interested, but they are so subtle that I do not know if he just thinks I'm another cute girl walking around or if this is something I should take seriously.

He seems very reserved in general to everyone and I know he feels stressed already as he is an intern (I work at a hospital).

I speak with men every single day, and I have the inside scoop – the 411 on how men really feel. What they don’t like is the masculine energy you literally bring to the dinner table.

What men want most, what they ask me for when I find them matches, is a feminine, nurturing, kind, caring, easy-going woman. They don’t care how many degrees you have, how much money you make or if you can change your own tire.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.I often stump my coaching clients with the following question.“What is the number one thing that will make a man want to see you again?If there is one phrase I'm tired of men dropping, it's, “You're intimidating.”Before I jump up on my soapbox and make myself even more “intimidating,” let me write a disclaimer: This article is not intended for the woman you are too afraid to approach.I can't fix the mean girl who blows you off at the bar or the not-so-mean girl you just said has “resting bitch face (RBF).” (Also, I'm pretty sure my brain-on-fire-and-therefore-deep-in-thought face does not mean I'm a bitch, so please stop using “RBF”).

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I'm not talking about the woman you're too scared to talk to.

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