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The boy continued, Then I got a text from my girlfriend which she meant to send to her ex-boyfriend. Countdown with Leeteuk and Shindong The year matched what I interpreted on the first point. Hyoyoen hinted on variety shows On Champagne the girls were asked to send out text messages to other celebrities and ask “Tell Me Your Wish”…

She was talking about the good memories with her ex-boyfriend while they were dating, like how he often made secret signs on stage for her.” This source is from Allkpop and they suspected that Eunhyuk’s ex-girlfriend is Lee Hyun Ji, an actress/model/singer, whereas his ex’s ex is Heo Youngsaeng of SS501.

The song "Oppa Oppa" was first introduced in Super Show 4 on November 19, 2011.

The song released double music video: lead music video was released on December 16 and other music video was released on December 21, directed by Shindong and starring by Amber of f(x), Peter and Youngsky of One Way group and Sungmin and Shindong feature in the music video.

The single contains lead single Oppa, Oppa and B-side single First Love.

The duo made their debuted stage on December 16 in Music Bank.

Through my investigation, I can 90% guaranteed that she is none other but hyoyeon from SNSD. Not being jealous here, I love Hyo Hyuk and I wish they were real, I just don’t think they dated.Plus everyone know now that the photo was taken on her sofa and not on her bed so no proof that they did have sex (and we really don't think they had, but that is subjective).And what is the use to take a photo after having sex, I mean if they had have sex, then they would be on the bed or something and naked, she wouldn't have taken the pic with her pajamas on., also known as Donghae&Eunhyuk, D&E or SJ-D&E) is the fifth official subgroup of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, formed by SM Entertainment in 2011.The sub-group is composed of two Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk.

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