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I would highlight the repetition for the author and suggest they remove it, since they'd already said it earlier in the book and, in case they hadn't noticed, I wasn't an idiot.

This annoyed me to no end, because although they obviously thought their repetition was for effect, it was more often than not having the exact opposite effect on me. What I learned while editing was that it's actually not hard to write a long book.

Personally I think cropped/ankle-length pants look best if you ask WWAHW (What Would Audrey Hepburn Wear?

), with the answer in my mind almost always being closed, pointy-toe kitten heels.

Visiting The Shop showed me that there is still a lot left to discover, and new artisans are emerging every day with products that are just as impressive as the ones I’m used to. ESPJr Snow Cone Onesie – TTD5 My Uncle Chris, who lives in Holland, is expecting his first child in July.

(On a personal note, this is often where I get trapped and a large part of the reason why I've never written a story longer than 25 pages.)Repetition can be as obvious as using the same adjective to describe a noun (ie.

For this month's segment (which is, again, sliding in just under the buzzer), I'm going to touch on repetition just briefly because I think it's an issue of concern in many of the books that are being published these days and goes hand in hand with the flab conversation.

When I was editing books on a daily basis, I saw a lot of repetition with individual words and phrases and also with concepts of basic storytelling, plot points, and ideas.

Black men have made it no secret their liking to white women.

Regina King recently raised the argument that we as black women still have not become completely comfortable dating outside our race.

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Back in January, I published my first post in my yearlong "polishing your prose" series.

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