Garmin problem keeps updating traffic receiver

You can click on any of these and reroute on the fly, which is a handy facility but not something you should try whilst driving.

You can also enable an Up Ahead bar on the right, which provides links to the nearest petrol station, service station with toilet, and restaurant, which will be handy if you're running low on fuel or have nagging kids in the car.

There's also a prompt to look for parking as you approach your destination.

However, none of Garmin's premium features are available, such as live traffic or the superb voice activation system Garmin offers on some models.

The fan only runs when the receiver reaches a high temperature; the fan should not be on all the time.

If your receiver’s fan frequently turns on, or you receive an overheat error, your mounting location is subjecting it to high heat.

Map refreshes as you travel have the usual Garmin issue of occasionally sluggish screen updates, something we have spotted in numerous Garmin devices before, although it's not particularly detrimental to effective navigation; you're not going to miss a turning as a result.

Petrol station, shops and restaurant POIs appear onscreen, with some of them branded, including BP petrol stations, Morrisons supermarkets, and Burger King restaurants.

There are also alerts when you are approaching a school zone that has a particular speed limit restriction.

Problems with this beta software may be reported to Montana [email protected]

Fixed issue with list controls incorrectly appearing enabled. Fixed issue with 'lock on road' setting not saving during a power cycle.

If you are using the AHRS feature of Fore Flight Mobile, ensure that your receciver is mounted parallel to the aircraft’s centerline (that runs north and south) and the LEDs and Stratus logo are facing the back of the aircraft.

Since the internal GPS antenna is located on the top of the receiver, you may see some GPS degradation.

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