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There’s also a difference in size between the two planets: 1,300 Earths would fit inside Jupiter, which is the largest planet in the solar system.

A screenshot from an animation of GOES-16 weather satellite images shows severe storms boiling up over southern Illinois, where they dumped heavy rainfall on April 28, 2017. (Source: CIRA/RAMMB/NOAA) A large swath of the nation’s midsection has been hammered with torrential downpours.

But it’s actually a real image of Jupiter’s south polar region, acquired by the Juno spacecraft.

Vauclair (eds) EAS Publications Series, 63 (2013) 123–133 9 July 2015 Abstract Context. Moreover, we employ the 2010 CODATA recommended values for Newton’s constant, solar mass, and radius to calibrate a large grid of solar models spanning a conceivable range of solar ages. It is shown that the most constrained posterior distribution of the solar age for models employing Irwin EOS with NACRE reaction rates leads to Gyr.

The age of the Earth has been calculated to 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years, which is only approximately a 1% uncertainty.

Now the exact numbers may be refined slightly as more detailed investigations are completed, there is now so much data backing up a 4.5 billion year age, that the chances of it being substantially inaccurate are very low.

The somewhat meandering current that begins in the Gulf of Mexico and streams north along the U. First, an obvious one: Unlike the Juno image of Jupiter, this is not photographic.

It’s a visualization of ocean surface currents produced with a computer model that has synthesized data gathered at the surface, as well as by satellites in orbit.

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2005), the frequency separation ratio -modes is a fairly good indicator of the inner structure of the Sun because it is mostly sensitive to the gradient of mean molecular weight near the center. In this work we discuss a Bayesian approach to the helioseismic determination of the solar age. In Gruberbauer & Guenther (2013) it has been argued that that there is an inconsistency between the meteoritic and the solar age as inferred from helioseismology.

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