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These prohibitions are found predominantly in Leviticus 18:8-18 and -21, but also in Deuteronomy.The biblical categories of prohibited relationships does not entirely match the modern definitions of prohibited incestuous relations in force in various countries or of the various Christian denominations.For the biological act of reproducing with close kin, see inbreeding.For the descriptive term for blood-related kin, see consanguinity.Conversations about mindfulness, self compassion, The Daring Way™, EMDR, art therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, other somatic methods, trauma, parenting, attachment will get you thinking deeply about therapy and the universal experience of being human, with all the joy and pain that entails. I'm on a bit of a holiday hiatus from new episodes of Therapy Chat podcast.In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about some other podcasts I love.Marriage to a half-sister, for example, is considered incest by most nations today, but was common behaviour for Egyptian pharaohs; similarly, the Book of Genesis portrays Sarah as marrying Abraham, her half-brother, without criticising the close genetic relationship between them, The Deuteronomic Code gives a yet more simple list of forbidden relationships – a man's parent's daughter (including his sister), a man's father's wife (including his mother), and a man's mother-in-law.These lists only mention relationships with female relatives; excluding lesbianism, this implies that the list is addressed to men.

If you’re an American overseas, your situation is different than 99% of your fellow countryman, and this site will be a wonderful resource for you.

These lists of forbidden unions compare as follows (the relations highlighted in red are those that are forbidden): One of the most notable features of all the lists is that sexual activity between a man and his own daughter is not explicitly forbidden.

Although the first relation mentioned after the Levitical prohibition of sex with "near kin" names that of "thy father", although some biblical scholars have instead proposed that it was originally in the list, but was then accidentally left out from the copy on which modern versions of the text ultimately depend, due to a mistake by the scribe.

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist, Burnout Prevention Consultant and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator interviews guests to discuss holistic and alternative approaches used in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching and healing sessions.

Be a fly on the wall as therapists discuss the practice of psychotherapy and how they implement self care into their own lives to prevent therapist burnout.

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The children of incestuous relationships were regarded as illegitimate, and are still so regarded in some societies today.

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