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It can also happen with any trusted authority figure, e.g., clergy, coach, teacher, club leader or relative.There are a number of ways that emotional incest impacts development. The child typically feels special because of the attention received and the unusual level of involvement offered by the adult.

Being robbed of one's childhood hardly goes noticed as the child feels so good about being chosen in a special way by an adult.

In other words, you can be guilty of this offense even if both parties to the sexual relationship consented.

This means that if you are convicted under Penal Code 285, you must register with the state at least every year for the rest of your life—or else face additional felony charges for failure to register as a sex offender.

If you’re the spouse of an incest survivor it’s important for you to understand the basics of both the psychological injury your spouse has experienced and the healing process.

You’ve also got to get a grasp on how to deal with crises and the nuances of sexual issues, family issues, and communication challenges that are specific to incest survivors. Individual, marital, or family therapy may be the best resource for you at different junctures of your life.

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