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Sent from the city to investigate the murder of a teenage girl in a small Alaska town, a police detective (Pacino) accidentally shoots his own partner while trying to apprehend a suspect.

Instead of admitting his guilt, the detective is given an unexpected alibi, but this "solution" only multiplies the emotional complexity and guilt over his partner's death.

Hip hop singer and actress who has released two studio albums and is the daughter of Master P.

She earned her first acting role on Just Jordon at the age of eleven.

Continue reading No not the Wham song, that I strangely sing in my head every time I see the title, even though I’m (probably) not (mostly) gay at all (mostly).

The reputation of this film has not fared well over 20 years …

Accompanied by a cast of hilarious characters, all portrayed by Randolph, we witness the tragedy, beauty and humor that unite us all in grief.He was raised in Dayton, and when he left home, he voyaged from place to place in order to make a living for himself.Nick took this little girl to Craig's in We Ho Saturday night, and her face says clearly what an awesome time she had. She's clutching a kid's i-Pad, which then raises the question ...Ann Randolph is an Ovation Award® winning playwright and performer.Her multi-character solo show Squeeze Box was originally produced by Mel Brooks and the late Anne Bancroft and went on to become a critically acclaimed Off-Broadway hit.

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