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At the age of 24, actress Haylie Duff realized that she wasn’t sure how to cook anything beyond a salad.

This turning point in her life was spurred by her mother discovering her take out menu drawer, despite raising her daughter in a household that was all about taking the time to whip up home cooked meals.

DS: Boomer is an outspoken and fun loving person who just wants to have a good time. DS: I stay grounded by having good people around me that I can trust. DS: Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle and Ron Howard TM: Best advice you were ever given?

TM: If you could be king in real life - what are three mandates you would make? DS: No matter what you do in life continue to be true to yourself.

Though vastly different, and with only one common theme, the value of a story having a happy ending, when considered together they illustrate informative aspects of the process of developing new work.

I followed the answers in Stackoverflow but couldn't make it really work.Hirsch plays Simon, a reclusive, cranky, brilliantly gifted author and illustrator — or, as he prefers, "picture-maker" — of children's books.Now 80, he hasn't published anything in a dozen years, and so his driven Manhattan editor, Clair (Kristin Griffin), dispatches a promising young writer-illustrator, Peter (Rupak Ginn), to Simon's woodsy hideaway to help jump-start, or ideally even finish, a new work.She also revealed the worst beauty advice she ever received. ‘When I was young, they tried to sell me on the idea: ‘if you do it now, then you won't get the wrinkles,' " Hayak said in the interview. But you have to do it every day.” Talking about the shoot, “I got to work with the wonderful Patrick Demarchelier, and he always tries to do the minimum clothes possible."And thank God I didn't do that." The mother of one admits her own Nuance Salma Hayek line keeps her face flawless. I kept my pants on though.” Hayek praised the photographer’s work saying that the final product “looked very nice” and “doesn’t look vulgar”.

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The black-and-white photographs showcase the Mexican beauty’s glowing and wrinkle-free skin.

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