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Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton is garnering critical acclaim for her performance in the romantic comedy “Something’s Gotta Give,” co-starring Jack Nicholson and written/directed by Nancy Meyers.

Diane Keaton plays a mature mother who finds herself nursing perennial bachelor Harry Sanborn (Nicholson) back to health after he experiences heart problems while on a romantic getaway with her daughter (played by Amanda Peet).

It's more like the pitch for a movie, not a film but a project, the brainstorm of an agent-you know, the astronaut. He's done with Shirley Mac Laine and back to dating young girls.

He meets Annie--Diane--because he's dating her twentysomething daughter, and they immediately hate each other. So it's a battle of the sexes, because Jack's still charming but offensive and Diane's still pretty but neurotic.

Harry normally goes for younger women but soon finds himself strangely attracted to someone closer to his own age. But I think just even the intimacy of it and the fact that there’s so much that you can’t really share with each other in some way – the experiences that you’ve been through that they can’t really understand because they’re not there. It isn’t also just age but the kind of work you do. Is that a 'been there-done that' type of thing for you? It’s sort of interesting when you put it that way because you think “Been there, done that. How delicate a balance is it to be funny in a scene where your character doesn’t know she’s being funny?

Besides being a typical romantic comedy about enduring love, features a number and variety of relationships.But even after his romance with Marin ends, Harry’s love for Erica comes up against major obstacles.One is internal — his fear of committing to one woman, especially one he doesn’t have 30 years on.It'll be a movie about older men with younger women, and older women with younger men--we'll get some kid, like maybe Keanu, to be interested in Diane, too--and, this is the best part, never moves much beyond this cynical premise.Writer-director Nancy Meyer opens the film with perhaps the most painfully contrived setup since the cancellation of "Three's Company." Nicholson and his young girlfriend (Amanda Peet) go to her mother's gorgeous Hamptons beach house to spend the weekend consummating their relationship.

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