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After all, watching someone trying to fake a persona – especially one that’s diametrically opposed to their .

We actually cataloged the details in one of the earliest Well, as the guys brainstormed, our list kept growing ("haircuts are cheaper! Biology and society have conspired to stack the deck unfairly against the fairer sex in dozens of ways. On average, it takes men seven years and three relationships to learn this one on their own. So, when you're out to dinner with a guy and glance up from the menu to catch him watching the mini-skirted waitress wriggle a coffeepot off the top shelf, you don't get how innocent this really is, because there's no hardwired female equivalent.

When a Chicago gent named Bill wondered what to wear on a date, Ronda decided to tell him what to wear: skinnies.

“If they’re so tight that you have to stand up to put something in your pocket? You don’t need to impress her with fancy gifts—just some hard cider.

To speed up the process, be blunt: Cut him off and say "Could you just apologize? " He might get mad, but you're already fighting, so who cares? Guys should stop trying to explain dogs to cats, and simply work harder not to get caught.6. Compliment a hot woman on being hot and a man will run smack into her defenses, no matter how creative he is.

But compliment a smart woman on being hot, or a funny woman on being smart, and unless he is a total dork about it the man will double his odds at least, as his target correctly recognizes him as unusually perceptive, sensitive, brilliant.

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