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As he took the stage in Wilson Hall, students booed, rose and turned their backs to the stage before reading a statement in unison.

Students broke into chants of "Hey hey, ho ho, Charles Murray has got to go," and "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray go away!

I’ve spent the past four years obsessed with the love lives of Middlebury students.

It’s not because I’m nosy (though I kind of am); or hypersexual (though all college students kind of are); or out of the loop (I’ve experienced probably too much).

If you going to Middlebury, be ready for heavy course load, bad Atwater parties (you will understand) and meeting friends that will last you a life time!

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Still, despite the angst caused by a heavy academic workload, intimate friendships, divided social scenes, career pressure, ceaseless snowfall—nothing seems to bother my friends more than their relationship troubles.

I should say I’m a white, heterosexual, socioeconomically secure, academically successful woman—and now in a respectful, committed relationship. Many of my friends share similar advantages, and one could argue that romantic stress is a privilege in and of itself: we have the mental and emotional energy to engage in and ruminate on romantic experiences, an indulgence many students don’t have time for.Now, to give the real truth on how it is to be a person of color on campus. There is very little diversity on campus, the majority being predominately white, and you may feel like you stand out.However, majority of people are accepting of anyone no matter race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc..I have never felt unsafe on middlebury campus and it really is a great community." "Charles Murray, go away; Middlebury says no way!" After about 25 minutes, and when it became clear the chants would not abate, faculty came onstage and announced plans to move the lecture to a different location.

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