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It’s natural to want to take steps to keep your kids and family safe.

One of the ways to be proactive about safety is by staying informed of who is living and working in your neighborhood.

Any person who is a non-resident who is on Guam for the purpose of being employed or as a student and has been or is hereafter convicted of a sex offense.

(i) Current physical address and mailing address, or if the person is incarcerated, the address of the residence where the person will be residing immediately upon release and the mailing address the person plans to use immediately upon release; (ii) If a registrant does not have a fixed or definite address, then a specific name, description and the location of the place or places where the registrant habitually lives, to include, but not be limited to, information of a certain part of the city or village that is the registrant’s habitual locale, a park or spot on the street where the registrant stations himself/herself during the day or sleeps at night, any shelters or temporary homeless shelters which the registrant circulates, or places of public buildings, restaurants, libraries, or other establishments that the registrant frequents; (iii) physical address and mailing address of any anticipated future residence or any residence of temporary lodging, wherein the offender leaves the current residence for seven (7) days or more, including any land line telephone numbers of the anticipated future residence or temporary lodging, pagers or cellular/mobile numbers that the offender has access to or anticipates in having access to; (C) Employment Information.

Much like the ticking-time-bomb scenario in the public debate about torture, the belief that sex offenders generally, and child molesters specifically, will inevitably commit new offenses has come to effectively frame societal understanding.

The concept of the sex offender who is a ticking time bomb waiting to molest more children has served as the basis for sex-offender registration, residency restrictions, community notification, and civil commitment.

federal, military, or another state/country) must register if they have been convicted of an offense that requires registration as determined by the New York State Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders.

Any offender who has moved to New York from another state or country must register with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services no later than 10 days after moving.

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