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They will be more loving, protective companions because they’re not worrying about breeding, fighting, or escaping—so they are much happier. Many spayed or neutered dogs hunt, compete in agility, become service dogs, and are trained in search and rescue.

Too many calories and not enough exercise cause pets to become fat and lazy—regardless of whether they are altered.

More than 236 pets found new homes across Australia during the last pet adoption day.

According to the RSPCA de-sexed cats are usually more affectionate, less inclined to roam, therefore less likely to become lost or hit by a car, and better protected from certain illnesses and diseases.

She also weighs less than you, so poison can affect her more.

A pet that spends time on a sprayed lawn can spread chemicals to children through hugs or a shared bed. Here’s how to hunt for fleas outside: Put on a pair of white socks and pull them up to your knees. If chemicals aren’t your thing, go to a garden supply store for nematodes.

FSP164764) and is administered and promoted by Southern Cross Medical Care Society (Registered Financial Service Provider No. Southern Cross Benefits Ltd (trading as Southern Cross Pet Insurance) has an A (Strong) financial strength rating given by Standard & Poor's (Australia) Pty Limited.

Desexing prevents cats from displaying undesirable ‘on heat’ behaviours such as restlessness and being highly vocal and can lead to longer life expectancy.

The best thing for your pet is to remain with the family it loves. We have lots of resources to help you keep your pet at home and can even suggest alternative re-homing solutions. Whatever the behavior is, we’re here to help you correct it (and hopefully keep your pet at home). Children may outgrow pet allergies, while adults are often able to manage symptoms and keep their pet at home.

Please consider the following alternatives before surrendering your pet. Veterinary Care The following local resources are low-cost options for veterinary care: Help for Animals: 1 Humane Way | Barboursville, WV 25504 | (304) 736-8555 Lunchbox Foundation for Pets: (304) 286-5553 or (304) 767-8474 | [email protected] following national resources provide relief funding to pet owners in need: Banfield Charitable Trust Red Rover Relief Grants Food aggression? Consider the following tips to manage pet allergies: See our section on pet-friendly housing.

Pet Food If you’re unable to provide food for your pet, call us! You don’t have to give up your pet just because you’re pregnant!

132 If someone in your home has been diagnosed with allergies, consider if you can live with or manage symptoms.

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