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Newer AMD GPUs designed with GCN technology (Graphics Core Next) should use AMDGPU or AMDGPU-PRO, while older AMD GPUs should use Radeon.For details on which GPUs require Radeon, please see the Radeon driver homepage or execute at a terminal: By default Ubuntu uses the open source Radeon driver for cards manufactured by AMD.Anyway, if you click that button you can access the same information, but as administrator, which makes the roll back driver option available. You may have noticed, but for me, about every couple of days I looke behind the screen, and I can see that on top of that extended part for the fan/heatsink that there is always a LOT of dust, I always clean that off. It's possible that your computing environment is more dusty than mine. (otherwise you'll kill the fans...) re-apply new thermal compound every 12-18 months..If you can, try just cleaning the area (do some dusting and vacuuming), and if you have a forced air heating/cooling system, replace the air filter and run the fan to help clean the air of dust. basically, whenever the average temperature starts to go back up, you should get ready to change the thermal compound.Note: During driver installation you may have been notified that 'aticonfig --initial' can be used to create the required configuration file.If you do and then have problems with your video configuration, try using the simplified version shown above.I'm thinking that the issue is that the computer has dust, and the thermal compound needs to be upgraded. Here is why I'm asking here before I go to a PC shop and seeing if they can fix it. In Control Panel, under devices, your PC is listed. That will show you your graphics card as list item.

The AMDGPU-PRO driver provides the open source AMDGPU driver and a proprietary overlay.

Make sure your Open GL renderer string does not say "software rasterizer" or "llvmpipe" because that would mean you have no 3D hardware acceleration: Instead if you notice overheating problems and/or you have an old Radeon HD graphic card, you can enable DPM by adding a boot parameter.

This should greatly help power consumption, especially when idle.

If you hit properties on that you'll get more details, but the roll back driver option will be grayed out.

You'll notice there's another button with the windows security shield there, I forget the words. I'm going over to the shop today to check up on their progress, I'm also going to see if they can rollback the gpu drivers while they're at it. Just for those of you who have the same or similar issue: To fix heat issue, clean up the inside of the G73! Also, change the thermal compound on the GPU and CPU... Make sure you use a can of compressed air on the laptop about every 2-3 months, make sure that you insert a straightened paper clip to help keep the fans from spinning while using the compressed air...

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