Row cannot be located for updating delphi

I have hidden the refresh button from the DBNavigiation since I cannot expect the user to remember to refresh the data after each use.

Please let me know if you still need the query information or any other information for that matter.

hi guys,i'm really stuck the following problem "row cannot be located for updating.

some values have been change since it was last read"the detail is as followi have two table, one got part no and name and 2nd one got reorder level, max levelon table 1 i wrote the query like select * from item where name'' (i'm using ADO Query)and table 2 named level is tado table...which got datasource of above said query and linked on partno.there is situation where in item table there are 1000 record and level table got 500...i show the grid (which filled from query) and also show on the screen two dbedit field link to level table...when user scroll thru the grid it show the level again the item in dbedit field.i also put button, like add, edit and save, so if someone want to change the level of a item, it click edit button and change the value dbedit field...once done, click save button, now in some cases i get the above message...sometime i edit or add new in level table...things work someone help on it?

actually by default ado use different method to update the table (when you use client side cursor)it looks like changing update criteria propery to update keysolve the problem.

The strange thing is this only happens on the two users machines , if they log onto another machine with there username & password they dont recieve this error . I have tried to reproduce this problem and can not. can you provide any directions to reproducing the problem using the Northwind sample database? I have an access data base table that has fields in it. When I click on the " " on the navigator bar a new row is made. It invalidates the WHERE clause of the action query ADO generates to implement your updates. Deja I have not seen any message where the problem with default fields has been explained well.I have three machines, one setup as sql server and two computers running instances of the database application I'm developing.When I run a single instance of my program everything appears to work fine, it is when I am adding/deleting records when more than one instance of the program is running and accessing and manipulating the db at the same time.

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(Only when I do this combination.) Here is my code procedure Tfrm Add Click(Sender: TObject); begin with frm Record, tbl Main do begin if Show Modal = mr OK then begin Insert; Field By Name('Title')String:= edt Title.

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