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) is an American journalist, television host, producer and actor.

He was a host of Sexcetera, a travel adventure docu-series.

Prospects may take years to develop—if at all—and cynical fans may look at their team's meager payroll or overrated roster of bloated salaries and know the season's over before it ever began.

Fortunately, there is one element of pro baseball that never disappoints, no matter what happens in a given inning, game or year: WAGs.

Baseball may be America's pastime, but that doesn't mean the sport isn't as frustrating as it is thrilling.

Taken from "I have it on good authority that Podsednik is dating Fox Sports Net personality Lisa Dergan - probably the hottest woman on television.

The man who threw the pitch and the man who hit the pitch couldn't explain it. So when Podsednik comes along and does the same thing, does it somehow make more sense? And tonight, he did."But it wasn't even so much what Podsednik did as when he did it.

We saw Pujols, perhaps the greatest hitter alive, hit a game-winning home run off this same man, and we had trouble making sense of that. "At one point in that inning, we were one strike away from clinching the NLCS. But Scott Podsednik is not a guy who you think can hit a home run to beat you. But any major-league player has the possibility to do that.

The pair have been married for over a decade and have three children.

MLB Man: Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees Relationship Status: Married Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira met wife Leigh Williams at party at Georgia Tech, where they both attended college.

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Between the fame, huge contracts and international connections, MLB players have shown they can land some of the hottest women from around the globe.

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