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Interested in knowing the author of these stories more? (For fairness a different fandom will be updated after the other, this means if you're waiting for a Pokemon story for example, you may have to wait until after a Spider Rider story is uploaded.) The stages I go through are:- Idea, -Draft, -Write -Spell & Grammar check and finally -Upload. How does he react when he finds it's not what he hoped for? Now Jaden must travel back in time reliving the awful memories and also to confess his feelings before somebody else does! What life does one have to end up with Team Rocket being a safe haven?I want to start writing more serious stories and by that I mean more psychological stuff, this means that the 'Finding Destiny' series in my Pokemon category will be all updated by the end of the year! Team Rocket lets out their most destructive weapon yet but what is Giovanni's motives? Then he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow that was addressed to 'Dad.' With the worst premonition he opened the envelope with trembling hands & read the letter. Or maybe not a oneshot, depends if you guys want me to continue it, the longest I'll go to is a THREESHOT though! A mini series of how the Child grew up in Team Rocket's headquarters and how her relationship with Giovanni took a turn for the worst.=DThe first part of my profile contains notices and story list updates, the next information & links about me, then finally it's the story summaries followed by shipping's I support. I've managed to get a LOT more free time on my hands & I'm getting a fresh start on a lot of stuff! (Check my Beta profile for all the fandoms.) Scratched out names are the people who seemed to have given up on writing. Type in 'Whose Baby Sakura' in the Pinterest search engine and use the filter so you're searching in boards! A case brings him to a haunted school in Japan that seems to have a sinister secret called 'The 7 Mysteries of the Academy.' Knowing full well that Mai would fall for such a thing Naru high-tails it back to Japan dragging Lin with him. I've been gone a couple of months and now everyone's turned against me due to some Dark World stuff!? Meet Alexis Rhodes, since her brother is recuperating in hospital she decides to live on her own for a while.Please VOTE on my latest poll so I know which story you want to see! I'm debating on whether or not to let you guys in on my Instagram/Snapchat, whaddya think guys? Ash Ketchum has always been told his Destiny awaited him... 5 years after graduation Jaden still hadn't confessed his love to Alexis & now she's getting married to someone else! But what happen's when the gang find Mai & finds out that she has really grown up over the years along with someone called... What happens when she is found and offered to live in a house with men! Can she break the family curse, or is there something darker around?The Sequel will be much more angsty than the first two and will start off with a character death, Ash and Misty having a lot of tension in their relationship and Ash having a more central role! Ash tries to figure it all out but what secrets is Delia hiding from him? After the events of 'Finding Your True Destiny' Ash has to choose who he should follow, to be faithful to his heart? (Very dark, not happy go lucky as with the rest of the series.I will also be uploading a prequel to the series and will show more of the character of the girl (Un-named as I don't want to give away spoilers if you haven't read them already! Ash gets stuck in the middle of more women troubles due to his feelings for Misty, with all that's going on, which path does Ash take the most priority too? Misty tells Ash that her sister's have called and it's time for her to return to the gym. To be loyal to his Pokemon and dreams to be a Master or to live the life that Destiny led him into? The gang want to help him out but what happens when Chazz & Atticus are sent to spy and immediately get the wrong impression about Jaden & Zoey? It all starts when they find out Sakura has a very surprising name for Jaden - Papa! Contains a lot of abuse.)Set after the events of 'I've Found My Destiny'. Giovanni has been missing since the event and the world seems to have gone back to normal.

Cover images for Plant Lavender for Luck and Time Strangers were made by the incomparable Midstorm.It was my lovely readers that sent the encouragement that made me start up my writing again!That being said, I have been going months without writing a single word and it's like where there was always a vast pool of thoughts, feelings, and words...there isn't a single word left.I'm trying to look past that and dig deeper, but it's not easy so please be patient with me.And although, my readers are important to me, writing is something I really do for myself.

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I am a Christian, after a lot of inner struggle and conflict.

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