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When it comes to dating and sex, there are so many worst-case scenarios. He has written "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex" (Chronicle Books). Winters, Borgenicht presents some 400 pages of potential disasters — that bout of excessive gas on a date, for example — and suggests ways to overcome the problem. Be mindful of your short skirt when climbing onto the bar.

A guy said he saved his girlfriend from a burning building by using our advice on how to break down a door."It's kind of gratifying to know these books we wrote for entertainment maybe saved a few lives over the years."Following are three excerpts from Borgenicht's book:[email protected] the excerpts The following three excerpts are reprinted with permission from "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex" by David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven and Ben H. How to survive running into your ex Running into your ex at a party can be problematic for many reasons: lingering affection, pain over being dumped, unresolved emotions, passionate memories or poor selection of your current date. Or, tug your date's arm and say, "Oh, look, there's Sally. How to dance on a bar Find a crowded bar with music playing. If the stool swivels, instruct your helpers to hold it still. Remove your hands from their shoulders and grab their hands. Continue to hold their hands until you find your balance. Other topics include travel, parenting, weddings, college, paranormal, golf and survival. The "Dating & Sex" version has topics ranging from innocent (how to treat a pimple) to more R-rated (how to bring up your fetish or kink with your partner). The section on how to fend off a competitor for your date is followed by sections on how to treat a black eye or a broken nose. Change your walk."Among the most universally welcome advice is "How to Survive if You Forgot a Birthday." The four key steps: Apologize; accept responsibility for your error; acknowledge your partner's feelings; and plan a special event to fix the mistake, you cad. Start by mentioning something that you noticed earlier in the day. All titles below were published between 2010 and today, and all descriptions come from World Cat.I’ve tried to note what tough topics they cover and organize them accordingly.

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