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Some people get a little weirded out when they hear the word "counselling." That's OK.Basically, counselling is about talking to someone who knows a lot about many different issues that teens face.I struggled against depression and desperation and barely managed to produce columns, much less keep up with my day job or my book.My distress peaked one night and I found myself frantically searching the web for some kind of drop-in crisis counseling chat.That's when you start planning to meet in person.When members of an adult chat room are up past their bedtime, the text is ripe with passion, drama and revelation.

Pain death, life general, she invited me return in final fantasy.So, after a lot of soul searching you’ve worked out you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Coming out is scary, so The Mix is here to hold your hand.Unfortunately, there isn’t some online questionnaire you can fill in that will tell you if you’re ready or not.And you've probably figured out that I see strength in reaching for connection and help in painful times. The wee hours are when we are too tired to filter ourselves, when we are most vulnerable to dropping our shields and exposing our rawest truths – which so often, and I dare you to prove otherwise, revolve around love and sex.So how the hell did I end up suddenly needing therapy at a.m., when none of the "therapist online: chat now! Go back to your IM logs and you'll see that after midnight is when conversations with online lovers take on greater meaning and depth than outsiders can imagine.

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  1. The singer has posted not one, but two throwback pictures of the good ole times with the brunette beauty, for what seems to be no other reason than just to reminisce. Perhaps someone is searching for a cuddle bud this cuffing season?