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😊❤️///////////////////////////////////// After a long day home, not doing anything.

I felt a shiver go right down my spine."How are you, Y/N? While he is holding my waist with one hand."I'm fine, just missed you." I smirk. I loved playing with his hair, because he would always put it in different styles that all looked good on him.

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They lived out in the country and had fields of bluebonnets around their house.

Sometime after they moved out of their house, we stopped taking bluebonnet pictures, and I actually can’t remember the last one our extended family took.

And they will kill tomorrow.” Imgur is the best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images on the Internet.

Anyone who is a native, or naturalized Texan appreciates bluebonnet season when our beloved state flower creates a sea of blue along the highways.

Tillströmning av hävdar att köpa en långsiktig följeslagare på denna berätta allt du söka efter en med en bra idé att varna.

During this time, Texans proudly snap family pictures in patches of bluebonnets.

I have fond memories of taking such pictures at my grandparent’s house each Easter.

*knock knock*I jog over almost stumbling to see if it was Taeyang, when I opened the door I saw Taeyang holding a bouquet of red roses. Just when he entered I closed the door, I then turned to face him and he gave a peck on my lip. You know you didn't need to get me these." "I wanted to." I chuckled a bit, when then he pulled my chin to reach his height. I finally dropped my flowers and wrapped my arms around his strong thick neck, while he picked me up.

Your waiting for your boyfriend to come over, to visit. I tried to takeover but he always won, which I didn't mind though.

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