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Yes, I know the rules, however my intent is to NOT have a cultural mishap. We have had our first date, it went well, but you see, Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks ahead. Fixing mistakes after they happen is one thing, helping to prevent them is another, and yes, she is in the US, where I am, and I never had the slightest doubt she was quite human.Hi Deltiger, I am a Thai women married my American husband while living in the US, 27 years ago.I think it is sweet that you tried to understand her culture and do the 'right' thing.The new research shows that many of the new arrivals are Thai women who marry American men.

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 nearly elevated Thai American and Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth from Illinois to the US sensate as his replacement although the position eventually went to Roland Burris.

It's much harder for these Asian females to find a boyfriend or husband than those in other place.* Thai Husbands Tend to Have a Affair.

Based on the imbalance of Thai female and male ratio, most married men in Thailand have an affair with other Thai ladies.

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Women meet single American guys for dating and marriage – Men meet single Asian women in the Philippines, China, Thailand, USA & many other countries.

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