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Although the tape has leaked since then, the clip has since been removed from the , on the other hand, has kept the Game’s alleged NSFW explicit sex tape up on its own website.

The outlet claims that Meek Mill could be the one behind the leak.

From 2000 to 2003, the series was also paired in some markets with another game show, Street Smarts hosted by Frank Nicotero.

The premise of the show involved dating couples who are matched up with other singles and then sent out on respective dates.

During season 1, Change of Heart was once paired in most markets with a revival of Love Connection hosted by Pat Bullard in 1998, which was cancelled after one season.

The Game’s sex tape has allegedly leaked onto the internet, according to a new report.

The explicit four-minute video gives fans a glimpse into the rapper’s not-so-impressive bedroom skills.

She ripped his shirt and began attacking him with her fist.” The doctor then added an addendum to his report on Rainey noting that “in moments of jealousy, [Rainey’s] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control,” and cautioned that a “very conservative approach is called for” with Rainey, the complaint says.

“Notwithstanding [the doctor’s] recommendation that Rainey should not be allowed to participate on the Show, Defendants felt that she would add a spark to the Show and ignored [the doctor’s] recommendation and allowed her to participate,” the suit reads.

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