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Meanwhile the pump has to be kept running, the water cleaned, and the cats shooed away. I figured if it could hold a 250lb 30 gallon tank containing a 2 oz. I married it up with a hefty piece of steel for the top, my guess is about 3/16” thick based on measuring the width of a scar on the back of my leg that I got when brushing up against the corner of it a couple of years back.The plumbing came from my junk pile — I have a habit of buying stuff at Home Depot which is immediately thrown in my junk pile so that one day when I do go to use it I feel like I have recycled something.Anthony agrees, thinking that it was supposed to be a temporary thing until he got a job. / SMOSH FOUND DEAD / REJECTED MARIO GAMES / 15 HOUR ENERGY!

Ian calls Jerry's phone, saying that it could be that hot girl from class. / Attention: Facebook Users / POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!

The police in cities where there have been reports of knockout games say that so far it appears to be an urban myth, that the attacks in question might be nothing more than the sort of random assaults that always go on.

Most criminologists and youth experts agree that unprovoked attacks on strangers by teenagers are real but extremely rare.

No word yet as for where this will end up or how it even surfaced, but we’ll gladly take it. My momma told me they will turn on me If I didn't listen it was all on me Some of the niggas I didn't, some of the niggas I did If you niggas didn't wanna see you when you hit yo' friend Not at all Grown up, had to fight these niggas like Steven Seagal You play with me now and I'mma shoot yo' head off Cinco gotta make the call After catching the CDQ version of Quavo’s “Trapstar” a few days ago, the internet somehow got their hands on another leak from Quavo Stuntin today called “Shine.”Over the bass-heavy production from Spiffy, the Migos member raps about others doing anything for the spotlight , while contemplating who really has his best interests in the process.

No word yet as for where this will end up or how it even surfaced, but we’ll gladly take it.

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