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He says what he looks for in a girl is "Someone willing to communicate, share her feelings, I'm a snuggler. Kimberly says a couple of guys looking for Lisa strike her fancy. Of course then, then she'd give up the million-dollar prize."Cupid" debuts Wednesday night at p.m.

I like someone who'll snuggle back and share my feelings. She says, "A couple, maybe physically, but I'm 35 and Lisa's 25 so they're all a little bit too young for me maybe.

"For her, being on the CBS show is not about getting on TV. One guy claims, "I will be your next super hero, I will save you, protect you and guide our relationship up to the next level."Laura asks, "Do you honestly think you're good enough for my girlfriend?

As she has her hair done, her friend Laura judges her coif. Laura and Lisa's other close pal, Kimberly, will evaluate prospective dates.

In 2009, after a broken heart and need for change, he left everything he knew behind and moved to​ Los Angeles to​ reconnect with his true passion in life, writing.

The blog focused on his point of view about romance​​, moving to a big new city​ and being single.

Trevor returns to his rented room upstairs from Tres Equis Cantina, a struggling watering hole owned by Felix Arroyo (Rick Gomez) and his sister, Lita (Camille Guaty).

CUPID: American Idol's Simon Cowell challenges America to find the perfect match for one eligible young woman, Lisa Shannon on the new reality series CUPID, which will premiere this summer on the CBS Television Network. Buddy ,that's what the rest of them are saying, too."The guys come from all across the country, every one trying to make a quick impression. I just say it like it is."Lisa and her friends narrow the field down to 10.

His ideas, such as half-price margarita nights and mariachi karaoke duets, could help him bring couples together and ultimately move him closer to the day when he can return to Mt. Though no one actually believes Trevor’s Cupid story, they find him charming nonetheless.

Claire finds that he constantly interferes and contradicts her when it comes to her pragmatic style of helping people find love.

He’s placed under the care of Doctor Claire Mc Crae (Sarah Paulson), psychiatrist and self-help author.

Trevor is required to attend her singles group therapy sessions on a regular basis so that she can monitor his progress.

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He insists that he’s been sent to the Big Apple to bring 100 couples together and that Zeus won’t let him return to Mt. Not surprisingly, this lands him in a mental institution.

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