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Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of Captain Hook comes from the Dick Tracy school of blockbuster overacting, and the film’s unbearably long at almost two-and-a-half hours. 1941 (1979): Spielberg’s comedic instincts tend more towards the visual than the verbal, a fact that is apparent in this misfire.We get it, we get it: We need to hold on to our inner child. The movie looks great, but it’s shockingly drawn out for a comedy and keeps buckling under its own weight.But these extra couple of weeks has allowed for some careful introspection. Why would anyone want to watch a magical, breathtakingly shot family film when they can watch 2 hours of incoherent action scenes featuring everyone’s favourite superheroes ramming themselves into each other? But that’s not because it’s bad, or even mediocre – it’s just that over the course of 4 decades and dozens of great films, Steven Spielberg - with his friends cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, editor Michael Kahn and composer John Williams - has spoilt us.You see, The BFG is, by most accounts, a box office bomb. Why would anyone watch a touching story of two lonely outcasts becoming best friends and taking on the world together, when they can, at the click of a button, watch 5 Minions fart at each other instead? Just like Tintin was him making another Indiana Jones (or maybe apologising for Crystal Skull), The BFG is, at least tonally, a throwback to ET.It’s like Spielberg wanted to make a comedy but was also trying to be an Important Filmmaker and just couldn’t figure out how to balance the two. Always (1989): An ill-considered remake of the 1943 Spencer Tracy film A Guy Named Joe, Always is a hokey two-hankie war film in search of a war.Spielberg would later joke that the film should have been a musical. Instead of a WWII flyer like Tracy, Richard Dreyfuss plays a fire-fighter pilot who dies on a mission but is sent by an angel back to earth to inspire a younger pilot. The Sugarland Express (1974): Spielberg’s first theatrical release doesn’t feel like a Spielberg movie at all, sometimes to its credit; at times it almost feels like Madcap Malick, if such a thing is possible.And for a big-budget summer blockbuster - directed by the man who literally invented the genre - to flop, is… Spielberg came close to directing Harry Potter once; you could virtually inhale his aura from all over those first two movies.And for a Potter fan like myself, watching The BFG was a lovely reminder of those early movies.

Hopefully it won’t include any CGI, as this story is all about love. The New York-set tragedy, based on Romeo And Juliet, follows the war between the white Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks as Tony and Maria, from the rival gangs, fall for each other.After hit musicals like Les Miserables, Into The Woods and The Phantom Of The Opera recently made it to the big screen, it seems like the general appetite for musical adaptations will never be sated.And it was revealed this week that Wicked, the stage musical spin-off of movie The Wizard Of Oz, is getting a movie adaptation. At least Spielberg’s not planning to make West Side Story 2: San Juan Nights (though we’re not sure there would be enough characters left alive for this).Steven Spielberg has thrown his substantial Hollywood weight behind British actor Idris Elba in the race to be the next James Bond.It remains to be seen whether Daniel Craig will return for another big screen outing as the iconic spy but after saying he would “rather slash his wrists” than return to the world of fast cars and shaken not stirred martinis upon wrapping last film Spectre, it looks unlikely. I think Idris would be my first choice of Bond if Daniel decides not to come back.” MGM Studios are not planning a new Bond release until 2018 to allow bosses plenty of time to find the perfect lead actor.

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It doesn’t matter who you are – you could be a CERN scientist, a mass murderer, or an insurance agent – there is one thing that unites us all in these divisive times: Our inexplicable under-appreciation of Steven Spielberg. Is it because even his minor movies – and The BFG is very much a minor Spielberg film – are so much better than the usual summer rubbish, that we’ve become complacent? Is it because we simply don’t have patience anymore for quieter, unabashedly emotional blockbusters?

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