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And as much as I want you not to repeat my shameful mistakes, I've had to find better people to hold onto.

Time spent together was not a good enough reason to remain friends.

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Hi all, I am in grad school doing my masters degree and met a Ph D student who I like a lot.

Our "friendship" was based on the fact of our history.

She said when her schedule freed up after summer work we could spend time together.

In the last few weeks, she told me she has started to feel emotionally attached with a man she knew before me, and she feels she should follow her instinct.

She says it might not work out, and she's not married and she would like to know me. A part of me, my pride, says I am not going to accept being a fallback, especially to a girl who jumps at her 'instinct'.

Do the pieces of my heart across the floor mean nothing?

How about the moments of late night texts telling you long tales of deceit, of lying, of uncertainty that came with the so-called relationship?

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