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The video première, however, restored the deleted material.Madonna's performance in the film was universally derided by film critics and it marked her fourth film acting performance to be widely panned, following Shanghai Surprise, Who's That Girl and Bloodhounds of Broadway.Sources in Zaibat’s home city of Lyon, eastern France, recently told the Mail that he was ‘absolutely delighted’ about performing in a show which also features Gallic celebrities like model Noemie Lenoir, who made her name in Britain in a series of Marks & Spencer advertisements.A close friend explained: ‘He is far more assertive than before.with Joe Mantegna, Anne Archer, Julianne Moore and Jürgen Prochnow in supporting roles.The first theatrical release was censored for the purpose of obtaining an R rating, reducing the film's running time from 101 to 99 minutes.Madonna’s shocking new book of erotic photos, is about to make taboo something chic for the 90s. “Pretend I’m not here,” the sex-for-sales matrix at the height of her power commands.On the eve of the controversial book’s publication, the star gave our author an advance peek and posed exclusively for The perfume of decaying gardenias permeates her steamy New York living room, a space that has, despite a Fernand Léger over the fireplace, the solitary feel of a deserted, if elegant, [#image: /photos/54cc031dba5e6f1344ae302a]30s hotel lobby. Taking a break from 12-hour days in the recording studio, she is allowing me a first peek at what she hopes will be the worldwide publishing phenomenon of the year—her latest reinvention of her go-for-broke image: Pansexual Madonna, in your face hard, if not hard-core.“She has a nipple ring? ” I ask weakly about a woman in one of the first images (some of the roughest trade comes right up front).

He said: ‘For example, sometimes it is hard to know if people want to see me or her.’However, he admitted to owing much of his success to his girlfriend, saying : ‘It would take me days and days to tell you what she’s taught me.

In France and Japan, the film was released under the name Body.

In Japan Madonna's other 1993 film Dangerous Game was released there as Body II even though the films have nothing in common nor are related to each other in narrative.

He has big plans, and wants to move on from the Mr Madonna tag.’The couple’s relationship is also said to have suffered because of their punishing work schedules, with Madonna currently based in New York.

The pair had rarely been pictured together in the last few months, while Zaibat had regularly posted pictures of himself with his pretty dance partner Katrina Patchett.

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